Your garage door is an important safety feature of your house. 

It protects your home and your contents from intruders and the elements. 

Therefore it is really important to have a garage door that opens and closes when you need it to, providing you with that sense of security. 

Unfortunately garage doors are often forgotten about until something goes wrong with them. Maybe you garage door won’t open, maybe it won’t close or maybe it is stuck halfway and you can’t get your car out to go to work. 

There could be many reasons why your garage door is stuck and often times it is a time sensitive issue because you can’t leave your house with your door wide open! 

Below are 5 common reasons why your garage door may be stuck, be aware that it can be dangerous to fiddle around with your garage door on your own therefore it may be required and safer to call a professional to troubleshoot, find and fix the problem and get you moving on with your day faster and stress free. 

  1. The battery of your remote may be flat – change the batteries just in case it is as simple a fix as flat batteries and save yourself the drama.

    Try opening the garage from the inside of your house to see if the remote is the problem, if it is, you’ll have to replace the remote with a trusted brand.
  2. Electricity is off– are the lights in the garage working? Maybe your garage door isn’t working because the power supply is cut, you may need to call a licensed electrician in the area if that is the case.

    Some garage doors have a backup battery system, in case of power outage you may still be able to open and close your garage door.
  3. Deteriorated rollers and tracks – over time these parts of your garage door system wear down with multiple uses per day, it is important to have regular maintenance of your garage doors to prevent deterioration by using lubricant, cleaning off rust and debris from pests.

    Signs that your rollers and tracks might be the issue: squeaky noises prior to door getting stuck.

    Check to see if your door has dislodged from the tracks, this could be the culprit of your stuck door.

    If this is the case, call your emergency garage door repair specialist to get the problem fixed ASAP.
  4. Torsion springs are broken- this is the most common cause for emergency garage door repair calls.

    You may hear a loud snap and bang as the spring breaks, be aware that these springs are metal and can cause injury to be careful when handling loaded springs that are showing signs of deterioration because they could snap any moment.

    You’ll need to get a repair person in to replace the torsion springs in order to get your garage door working again.
  5. An object is blocking the door– check inside and outside to see if there is anything that is blocking the door from opening and closing, sometimes the sensors are sensitive and will disable the door from opening or closing if there is the faintest block, if you do find something blocking the door, remove it and try again.

    Your sensitivity sensor may be set too high or too low and may be the reason why your door is refusing to budge. 

Adjust the close force limit and see if that helps you. 

Conclusion: Prevent your garage door from running into trouble by regular maintenance, but if you do find yourself in a situation where you need help with your garage door, contact your local experienced Garage Door Specialist and get help fast so you can get on with your day.