If you have a large garage, you may be wondering about how to use it in the most efficient way. Traditionally, homes around Brisbane and all over the world use the garage as a multi-purpose area of the house. It’s not hard to find Brisbane homes that have spacious garages that can do more than just serve as the usual carport. Read on to know what appliances can be stored and even used straight out of your Brisbane garage.

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Refrigerator freezer

The garage is the best place to store an extra fridge or freezer for perishable food, from frozen vegetables to cold drinks. Your garage freezer is also a good option for long-term storage of things like frozen meats and meals. Use the freezer to store extra ice especially during the summers. Have a habit of preparing bulk meals to last your family for weeks? The garage freezer is the perfect place to store your ingredients especially if you have a small kitchen. Try some fridge/freezers that are popular like these: https://www.samsung.com/au/refrigerators/

Treadmill and other workout equipment

Looking for a good workout space that you can really call your own? If your garage is big enough you can transform one corner into your mini-gym where you can go to work out and just enjoy some alone-time. The garage can also be the best place for your treadmill and other gym equipment especially if you don’t have a spare room that you can convert into a home gym. Aside from the treadmill, you can store your stationary bike, weights, and other fitness equipment in the garage. Just make sure that they are stored in a cool, dry corner to avoid rust.

Barbeque grill

Barbeque grills are often bulky and tend to go unused in the winter. Look for a dry corner in the garage to keep the grill from rusting. The garage is a great place to store your grill, although it is important to remove the propane tanks and store them in a dry, open, and ventilated outdoor area. Once grilling season rolls around, you can roll the grill outside for some summer fun.

Carpentry appliances

Weekend warriors can definitely use the garage to store carpentry equipment since electrical carpentry equipment needs to be stored in a place that is protected from the elements. The garage is often the best place for woodworking and other carpentry work especially if you don’t have a standalone carpentry shed just yet.

Yard care and home cleaning appliances

Your lawnmower and leafblowers can be safely stored in your garage and plugged in from there when in use. The garage is the next best place to store these items if you don’t have a garden shed. The garage is easily accessible and the regular site of the lawnmower every time you go to the garage is a good reminder to do some yard work once in a while. Yard care appliances stored in the garage also benefit from the protection from rain, sun, snow, and hail.

Cleaning appliances like your vacuum and related appliances can be safely stored in the garage. From the vacuum to step ladders and every other cleaning appliances in between, the garage can serve as a great shed especially if these appliances have electrical parts that need to be protected from water and humidity.

If you are one of the fortunate Brisbane homeowners with a spacious garage, you have a multipurpose space that you can use for more than just your car. Use this space to store important appliances to reduce clutter in the home, stock up on extra food, and keep your tools in good shape.