Garage & Roller Door Service In Brisbane

Service, maintenance and all things garage door related, we’re here to help! 

No Fuss. No Hassle.

From the simplest maintenance task to a complete garage door overhaul.

When we use our garage and roller doors hundreds of times a year, the springs and machinery begin to fail or show signs of wear and tear, which means a garage door service is essential. If you’re noticing that your garage door is starting to act little out of the ordinary or showing signs of rust, creaking or any other annoyance, it is in your best interest to give the team at Top Garage Repair a call.

There’s no better way to get on top of your garage door than having an outstanding and thorough service by our team. We will go over everything from the springs, the lubricant, and the electric motor, among other things. It’s the comprehensive service you deserve.
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If you’re looking for a commercial garage door service, or a residential garage door service and repair, we’re the team for you.

Supporting All Doors

We know there are seemingly an infinite number of garage doors and roller doors out there, all with different servicing requirements, though we’re happy to say we service them all. With our decades in the industry, we’ve worked to service and maintain all roller door brands, whether generic or custom designed. 

Brisbane’s Experts

A tonne goes into our garage door opener services, and we’re happy to say that it keeps our customer’s doors working for decades to come. We go over every single aspect of garage and roller doors to make sure there are no issues on the way and no chance of a jam. You can rely on us to keep your garage doors going for years on end.

Quick Arrival

There’s nothing worse than a team that takes hours or even days to arrive on-site, so we’re there within just a few minutes. With teams all over Brisbane, we’re happy to say that if your door’s jammed, acting up or completely dead, we’ll be there in no time ready to help you out. After our garage door service and repair, you’ll be back and running once again.

What our customers say

“I had an appointment with them from 9:00-11:00 and the guy showed up at 8:40. He looked over the components and determined it needing replacing. It took him maybe 45 mins. to replace absolutely everything. I’m very happy with the guy’s work and speed. I’m even happier I have a working garage door.”

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Everything is Covered

We’re happy to say that thanks to our incredibly precise work, our servicing doesn’t only extend the warranty of most garage doors, but also falls in line with manufacturer requirements. If you’ve had your doors for years, you’ll be happy to know that you can call us and have everything done for almost nothing!

Affordable Servicing

At Top Garage Repair, we’re firm believers in providing a service everyone can afford. Because of this, our garage door service in Brisbane is one of the most affordable in the city, often lower than $100 for most jobs. This means you should feel free to give us a call when anything goes wrong and not have to worry about a hefty bill. It’s our low-price guarantee.

Decades of Experience

Unlike just about every other business in Brisbane, we boast an incredible 40 years repairing garage doors, and that means we can fix anything. We’re committed to educating our teams and making sure everyone knows the ropes, so whoever arrives at your home is undoubtedly capable of any task. Whatever seems to be wrong with the door, we’ll know how to fix it.

Additional FAQs

Does servicing take a long time?

No. We make sure to streamline these services as best we can, keeping most of the jobs to less than an hour. We may need to leave the premises to purchase a spare part, which could add to the overall time, though expect the process to be done same day.

What do you do in a service?

As expected, we try to be as thorough as possible. What this means is that we take an in-depth look at every part of your garage roller door from the software through to the hardware such as the opener, springs and door panelling itself. Leaving no stone unturned means we’re the team that finds problems better than anyone else.

Will you fix the problems you find?

Of course! Anything and everything wrong we notice with your garage door will be repaired there and then. This means that there’s no need for a second call out or a second opinion, we’ll arrive, assess, repair and analyse what we’ve done. It’s the top quality work you deserve.

How much does servicing cost?

Although a majority of our servicing’s fall within $100 to $200, it’s hard to say what a final cost could be until we take a look. Some of our customers often require motor replacements and other significant repairs which means prices could be higher. You can give us a call for an in-depth assessment and quote.

Is an opener service included?

Yes. We will take a good look at the garage door opener to see if it’s working correctly or if there are any expected issues ahead. If we spot anything out of the ordinary, we’ll work out those kinks in our garage door service.

Common Problems

Not sure if you need Garage Door Servicing? Here are some reasons why it’s important:

Need it repaired now? Top Garage Repair is here to help!

Garage Doors Age

Garage door age like everything in your house, but it is easy to forget. From rust build up to motor issues, there are things we can fix right now to stop a risky fault.v

Loose fittings

Did you know that garage doors are used for at least 1000 times a year? With all these changes in condition, it is easy for parts to become loosened over time. Get professional help because an expert is critical to spot these issues.

Slowing motor

The build-up of rust and weakening of fixings over time can cause the garage or roller door motor to slow function, putting added strain to the chains and springs.

Maintain your warranty

Warranties can become void if you’re not getting regular Brisbane garage door services.  Don’t lose out on your warranty, get your door serviced today. Call us and we’ll help you!