Torsion Spring Replacement

No matter where you are – we’ll repair your door springs today! 

Broken springs?

As you’d already know, your garage door is one of the most critical entryways to your home, so when things go wrong, a garage door spring replacement in Brisbane is essential. You want your garage door to freely let you in at night and out in the morning, and if there’s a spring issue, you’ll be trapped! At Top Garage Repair, we’re the experts when it comes to dealing with the rather dangerous garage door spring replacement.
Give us a call today, and we can be at your home in a few minutes to assess the problem and get on with installing garage door springs.
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You get quick service and prompt supply of parts.

A Friendly Team

After spending more than forty years in garage door repairs, all of our team members are the friendly experts you need. We know how garage door springs work and exactly how to unhinge and safely replace them. Whatever brand of garage door you’re dealing with, and whether you have torsion springs or extension springs, we’ll know what to do.

We’re the Safer Alternative

“Although most DIY jobs at home are relatively safe, garage door spring repair is certainly not. These repairs can become extremely hazardous if you are unsure about how the process works. You could be fiddling with a spring that suddenly comes detached, which could seriously injure you or someone else. We highly suggest leaving it to Brisbane’s experts at Top Garage Repair.

A Repair in a Few Moments

One of our most excellent perks is having the job done in no time! We’re the top repair team, so expect a streamlined, stress-free an effortless spring replacement repair process. All we’ll need to do is assess your door and the spring, have a new one ordered or collected and installed. We could have everything repaired in just a few hours for you.

What our customers say

“Living in a new suburb, I thought that all of my home’s appliances like the garage doors would work properly, although this wasn’t the case. Top Garage Repair found out that the garage door was not installed correctly, which meant the springs kept slipping. They let me know what went wrong and reinstalled the door for me. The service was incredibly smooth and stress-free, and I’m happily recommending them.

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Tyler, Cleveland


If you’re looking for a commercial garage door service, or a residential garage door service and repair, we’re the team for you.

The Cheapest Spare Parts

Cheap doesn’t always have to mean nasty, and at Top Garage Repair, it’s the complete opposite. We collect our spare parts from our leading suppliers and will have them on their way to be installed in your home. You can leave us to do all of the deal-finding work, so just sit back and relax. You don’t have to break the bank for spare parts with our team.

Same-day Turnaround

In almost all of our jobs, we find a way to offer a same-day turnaround. Being in the field for so long, we know precisely how to find issues with garage door springs, how to remove them, and how to install new ones in a flash. It’s what our customers love so much; they’re not sitting and waiting for days or weeks.

A Reliable Job

We know calling back your tradespeople after a repair is the worst thing that can happen, so we guarantee all of our work is done right the first time! Our certified teams know what they’re doing, and that means you’ll never need to worry about the replacement again. Our quality spare parts, commitment to quality and experience make sure our work’s done right every time.

Additional FAQs

Why is this unsafe to do on my own?

It’s not difficult to see why tinkering with springs is dangerous. These springs are wound incredibly tight into your garage door’s system, and if unlatched or removed incorrectly they could fly up into your face, seriously injuring you. We strongly suggest giving us a call before you do anything to your garage door springs.

Will you install a new or refurbished spring?

All springs and all the spare parts we use on all of our repairs are brand new unless specifically requested by our customers. You can rest assured that our repairs and replacements will add at least a few more years to your door, if not a decade.

Are these springs expensive?

No. We make sure to get you the best deal possible, and that means your total cost could be less than $100. Keep in mind if there are other issues at play your final price might be a little higher, though between $100 and $200 is typical.

Will the process take a long time?

With our decades in the field, we’re confident our team members can get the job done in no time at all. Often, our garage door spring replacements can be completed within an hour, so there’s no need to sit and wait for hours or days for your door to work again.

Can you do a quote first?

Of course. Give us a call, and we’ll be able to assess your garage door before we begin and let you know how much your garage door spring replacement in Brisbane will be.

Common Problems

Garage door spring tension is necessary but also can become dangerous. Premature garage door spring replacement is a smart move because broken springs create problems related to your safety.

Need your springs replaced now? Top Garage Emergency Repair is here to help!

Out of balance springS

Garage doors move flawlessly when in perfect balance. Contact your local garage door installer to adjust torsion springs as it can be dangerous. 

Loosened springs

 The component that performs most of the work of the door is the spring, and it does so under a lot of torsions. Springs can snap without a warning causing serious injury. For all that you need for your garage door spring, call us!

loosened brackets

Garage door spring brackets keep your door mechanisms aligned and braced or soot movement. We can help you with any brackets for commercial garage doors.

Spring replacement

Garage door springs can break and you cannot fix it yourself. If faced with broken spring, contact us and we will assess what type of spring you have and we will safely replace it for you.