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We provide free measure and quotes, and instant help when you need it for servicing or technical issues.


At Top Garage Repair in Brisbane, we understand that your garage door isn’t only a visual piece of your home, but also a valuable utility, which means a garage door replacement in Brisbane may be essential when things go wrong.
We are the team who offers everything, so you don’t have to do a thing. We take care of the material sourcing, installation processes and much more, so your stress is at a minimum and affordability means your bank account will stay intact.








Just some of the garage doors that trust our service

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stratco garage door repair and installation Brisbane, Queensland 4000


For affordable garage door repair services, replacements and more, leave it to Top Garage Repair in Brisbane. We’re the team with 40 years experience.

Well-rounded Services

It’s expected for you to be quite confused and stressed when it comes to dealing with the replacement of the garage door, however, with the help of our team you’ll be all set in no time. We take care of everything, which includes the installation and removal of your existing garage door, plus the ordering and price negotiation.


For those of our customers who are designing a new home, or looking to improve on their renovations, we have outstanding design consultation services for you. We will take a look at your home’s design, determine which garage door suits your home the best and will let you know our top recommendations. It’s never been easier to change the look of your home’ s facade.

We Have Every Brand

As you would expect from Brisbane as leaders, we have access to every major garage door brand in the country. This means there are thousands of doors to choose from, so getting your hands on the colour, style, and technology you’re looking for is effortless with us. Give us a phone call, and you’ll have access to your new garage door in just a few days.

What our customers say

 5 Star

“The tension spring broke on my door and I am so glad I called Top Garage Repair. Their repairman came the same day and not only did a professional job but explained the mechanics of my door as he inspected everything to make sure it was safe. Thank you, Top!”

5 Star Rview for Garage door installation in Perth

Olivia W, The Gap

“We absolutely love everyone at Top Garage Repair! They are very quick and efficient! We have had them do work for us twice now and they did a great job! We would recommend their services to everyone! Thank you all!!”

5 Star Rview for Garage door specialists in Perth

Heidi T, Ascot


If you’re in Brisbane and looking for an emergency garage repair service, we’re the team that won’t break the bank.

Streamlined Services

At Top Garage Repair in Brisbane, there is no reason to sit and wait weeks for your installation to come around. We make it a priority to be on-site and ready to help, with your garage door in hand, as soon as we possibly can. After we’ve undertaken the assessment, purchase, and delivery of your door, we work on the installation within just a few days.

The Lowest Cost

One of the biggest perks of our service is our incredible pricing. When you bundle the purchase of a new garage door with the assessment and installation that our team offers, you could be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We may also be able to get our hands on an exclusive deal for you, so give us a call today.

Four Decades in Brisbane

When you factor in our 40 years in Brisbane, no one comes close to the knowledge and experience that we offer. We are more than capable of following deadlines, keeping within budget and getting the job done right the first time, so for a stress-free garage door replacement, we are the team for you.

Additional FAQs

Are new garage doors expensive?

We like to make sure that our garage doors are as affordable as possible, and that means you can expect your door to stay within the $1000 to $1700 mark. Keep in mind our cost of labour and service fees are incredibly low, so there’s no need to worry about added expenses.

Will the installation take a long time?

The installation of your door will be one of the most streamlined parts of the replacement, as we can have this process done within just a day. However, the collection and ordering of the new door may take a week or two for it to be available.

Could I pick and choose doors?

When working with our design consultants, you will have the chance to sift through a range of garage doors and select a few that you like the most. We will go over those styles with you and determine whether they are the best choice for your home and its aesthetic. We may even be able to find an exclusive deal to save you a little extra on the price of the new door.

Who collects the door from the supplier?

We do our best to make the process as seamless as possible, so we do all of the collection and delivery work for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax and watch us install your new garage door.

Do the new garage doors come with warranties?

Of course, all of the new doors come from Australia’s largest manufacturers, which means they come with an outstanding manufacturers warranty which covers everything from the repair and the operation of the door. If there are any issues, a garage door replacement in Brisbane will be covered entirely.

Why replace your door?

One of the most valuable investments you can make in your home is door replacement. Newer garage doors lower maintenance costs.

Need it replaced now? We’re here to help!

Broken door

Did your garage door quit work? Let us upgrade your door to something that will make your property look appealing and improve energy efficiency. Newer doors incorporate designs that minimizes repairs.


One of the main issues with ageing garage doors is that they start to become noisey. The sound of a noisy door can be jarring and quite aggravating. Tell us about your needs. Save your eardrums by repairing or replacing your garage doors.

Tired looking

Don’t spoil your good looking house or property by an ugly garage door. Match your style with a beautiful entry door! Let us know if you know someone with an unattractive door or if you are that someone, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can help you with upgrading your garage and roller doors.


When you think of hazards in your household, oftentimes, you overlook the largest one. As a garage door ages, it can become a hazard. Broken motors and failed springs means danger. Call our experts to get your garage doors assessed and serviced in no time.